Payteller USA


Project Description

Customer Objective

To build a nationwide network of Financial Services Kiosks, offering wireless recharge, bill payment, prepaid card issuance and money transfer and be the class leading provider in the market.


A ‘stand alone’ kiosk was designed, with a large array of optional components to permit a flexible and cost effective product offering.
The soft launch was commenced with prepaid wireless and bill payment functionality. Virtually all wireless providers are supported, along with most cross border products and long distance providers. Payments may be made to some 12,000 utility and financial services companies nationwide, with a standard or next day payment schedule.

To ensure complete ‘Know Your Customer’ compliance was attained, Payteller engaged Experian to conduct the verification. Document scanning, photo capture and thumb print scanning on the kiosk supplied the relevant data. Verification is completed by Experian in real time, within the time the customer is completing their user profile.

A continuously expanding customer profile is maintained, which permits the customer to repeat any transaction extremely quickly. Once a customer signs in, their payment history is displayed and selecting any payment permits the customer to pay without requiring the account details again. Loyalty bonuses are also offered, which results in a win-win for customers.


The project is currently ramping up, with pilots operating in Florida, Texas and New York.