T Mobile Netherlands


Project Description

Customer Objective

Resolve customer’s problems in paying bills when overdue. When an account was overdue payment, a payment had to made in the store to reactivate the account. This caused embarrassment on the part of the customer and occasionally irate customers would be rude to staff.


T Mobile had previous installed our self service solution for prepaid customers, which proved highly successful. The obvious answer for T Mobile was to build upon that customer acceptance and also leverage their investment. As our sister company already provided the transaction processing for T Mobile, integration and roll-out was completed quickly.
Adding bill payment to the existing self service infrastructure was relatively simple and very cost effective, as the H@ND platform is very flexible. The existing interface was expanded upon and an sms identification system was used to ensure the correct account was used. Payment could be then be made by cash or card and the balance was updated in real time.
T Mobile designed a custom housing for the unit, which integrates into their store design.


Bill payment transactions quickly surpassed prepaid recharge transactions in almost all stores. Customer acceptance was very positive as they could conduct their business privately and their account balance was updated almost instantly.