Why Self Service

Self Service terminals offer many advantages for both the retailer and the customer. The benefits of self service will vary, depending on the use case and the retail requirements.

In a convenience store, the self service kiosk offers a new revenue stream, offering customers products including bill payment or money transfer – products which are compelling as frequent users may significantly reduce the time required to complete the transaction as their preferences are retained.

In a large supermarket the focus may be on customer service by allowing customers to sign up for the loyalty programme or check their status and by printing customised coupons or offers. Of course, the kiosk will also offer bill payment and mobile reloads.

Adding an advertising screen to the kiosk will generate additional revenues from digital advertising, and retailers can push product by pushing the message through the advertising screen and allowing the customer to pull the offer via a printed coupon or send a QR to their handset.

Remote monitoring and management permit real time sales data and system performance to be observed of-site. Essential to a successful implementation is a high degree of uptime and our remote management tools provide this.

Self Service Applications

Fast and convenient sales of mobile phone reloads, with multiple language support, for both direct reload or voucher / PIN. The service may be enhanced with special offers or upsell opportunities, loyalty bonus targeted by time or day.

Simple and secure multi-vendor payment solutions, retaining customer data to accelerate the payment time. Account data may be entered by scanner or NFC, ensuring very accurate and fast interaction.

Reload prepaid credit cards or gift cards, simply swipe the card and make a payment.

Improve transaction speeds and enhance AML and KYC completion. Once registered the customer may make transfers quicker while ensuring full compliance.

Issue a SIM Card, Prepaid Card or Gift Card, and allow registration with full Know Your Customer compliance.

Print coupons at the point of sale, that are relevant and targeted to the customer

Reduce the cost of refunds and redemptions, either direct to prepaid card or using in-store vouchers.

Offer catalogue products – with in-store payment but direct fulfilment. Bring online shopping into your store with payment in cash or by card.

Permit instant sign up of customers to your loyalty platform

Advertising at the point of sale, with coupon pull through

Capture full range of biometric data including fingerprints, iris scans, passports and driver licenses.

Research conducted by Motorola identified the top 4 goals for retailers;

(Source: Motorola SolutionsWorkforce / Task Management Market Study, 2012)


Increase Sales


Improve Customer Service


Improve Inventory Management


Improve Labour Efficiency

Self service can address each of these goals:

Increase Sales

  • Allow your staff to attend to customers rather than low margin repetitive tasks
  • Permit your customers to engage in their language, at their pace
  • Provide customized offers and coupons – virtual coupons

Improve Customer Care

  • Providing an extended product range
  • Providing an additional and cost effective POS
  • Faster and more efficient sales process

Improve Inventory Management

  • Let your customers find what they want, and if it is in stock
  • Push product in targeted promotions

Improve Labour Efficiency

  • Release your staff from low margin activities
  • Reduce the requirement for complex and repeated training